730 New Readers?

Hi, readers. 

We took a survey last week to find out who our 2,662 readers are, and you can check out the results here. But I want to zero in one finding: 98.3% of our readers said they would consider forwarding the newsletter to their friends. I’m ready to cash that favor in.

With this feedback, I want to embark on a challenge that’s been in the back of my mind. Can we add 730 readers by 7/30 Day? It’s a huge goal, but the math says it’s doable: If even a third of you get a friend to sign up, we’ll make our goal. If 98% of you get a friend to sign up, we could double—and that would be a reason tocelebrate.

Send it to your roommates. Send it to that annoying coworker who always asks what you’re doing this weekend. Tell your Tinder date. Tell your mom, if she lives here.

In case sharing 730DC isn’t reward enough itself, we’ll grease the wheels with some sweet raffle prizes. Here’s how it works: Forward the newsletter (it can be any of our daily newsletters) to your friends and lovers, or share 730DC.comon Facebook, and you’ll receive a raffle ticket per new subscriber. We’ll track both and raffle off a prize at the end of each week. (Your odds increase the more people you get to sign up.)

This week’s prize: A $20 gift card to Big Bear Cafe. Start forwarding and sharing now for a chance to win. We’ll announce the winner, as well as the next weekly prize, each Monday.

As co-founder of 730DC, I’ve always taken pride in the positive feedback we’ve received. I hope people enjoy the newsletter enough to help us reach this goal, our most ambitious yet. Since our journey began in October 2013—when I’d hardly been here for three months—it’s been humbling as well as genuinely joyful to learn about this city and its communities through daily news alongside, as of today, 2,662 fellow Washingtonians. We hope that number can be 3,392 very, very soon.

Hayden Higgins
Co-Founder, 730DC

PS: Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
PPS: If we ever get to 7,300 we will have a party to end all parties.
PPPS: Send us events, news, feedback, ideas, criticism, please—seventhirtydc@gmail.com, anytime.


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