Praise for 730DC

James Cersonsky, journalist

“I love waking up to 730DC every day. In my first few days on the list, it brought me to a new community art space, a reading group, and a street festival happening a few blocks from home. As a free service, it’s a total steal.”

Albert Nichols @AlbertCNichols

In a blog post on Good Businesses:

“It is with impressive consistency that the authors deliver information that light is not shed on elsewhere. Ben Thompson wrote about Blogging’s Bright Future. 730DC is a shining example of that future.”

Hannah Finnie, @hfinz, Senior Associate Editor, Generation Progress

I love 730DC. It’s how I play my life.

Lally Marino @LallyMarino  3m

Twitter friends: subscribe to @730_DC! The daily email is wonderful and full of interesting #DC news & events. #bestmorningemail

ngiste @ngiste Jun 4

Can’t recommend @730_DC enough to anyone who wants the low down on #districtlife

Meredith Whitfield @hashtagmsw Jun 3

@OverMeCo @730_DC Love 730! one of the few things that escapes every month :)

Overachiever Media @OverMeCo Jun 3

Just had an awesome meeting with the team @730_DC. If you haven’t already, you should sign up for their newsletter:

DCapped @dcappedreviews  May 27

I love @730_DC & love even more how they showcase maps. Today’s is #WarMemorials. @CurbedDC

Lauren Jencik @GirlinDC  May 24

@730_DC thanks for the mention! Strongly encourage #DC ppl to follow @730_DC and subscribe! Love those emails every morning!

DC MEETMarket @DCMeetMarket  Apr 30

@730_DC – thanks for including us in your newsletter today!! We’ve been loving getting your emails and hope to catch you at the market Sat!

Vanessa French @VanessaFrench Apr 24

Kudos to those who run @730_dc. Morning email with great news from DC. #signup #now


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