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Wednesday September 14

Watch the Alma Thomas documentary

Yesterday’s talk on the artist’s cross-disciplinary legacy got postponed; for now, you can watch the short documentary “Miss Alma Thomas.” It’s the first doc to explore her life through the lens of curators, art specialists, scholars, and her family, created for the recent four-city museum retrospective (which had a stop at The Phillips Collection!). The film’s creators have generously created a special discount code MAT730 for free online access to the film. Watch soon, the code expires on September 24!

Tbt to when I got kicked out of the spelling bee for mispellling rasberry…

This one’s for all our readers who helpfully email to tell us about typos in the newsletter (how are we gonna fix it? You really want us replying all??). We get it, you can spell better than us. Since you’re that good at spelling, go watch the Press vs. Politicians annual spelling bee! (6pm)

The future of queer spaces in DC (besides my apartment)

Often we hear about queer spaces closing (did you know there are only 21 lesbian bars left in the US?)...but lucky for us, there are new queer-centered spaces (like Little District Books and As You Are) opening in the city. Learn what has shaped this resurgence of queer space in DC, and what we can learn from it! (7pm)

Also ||  tunes: IDLES, tunes: Nation of Language, art: a village potter, tunes: Afghan Whigs, DC politics 101 with JUFJ, National Landing beach club, tunes: King Khan & the BBQ Show, book talk: science answers absurd hypotheticals, hopin’ mic, Encanto showing, drinks: sunset hour, At Large Candidate Forum, oui oui it’s parisian night bonjour croissant hon hon hon, an evening at the ballet

Thursday September 15

Events for act three of a teen movie about the last big summer™ before something happens

  • The gang™  is in shambles! To fix it you all go to the “gameshow of love” live filming to have the audience decide who should end up together. Who do you end up with? Who does Frank end up with!? (7:30pm)
  • You and Elizabeth are big Gleeks™ so you go to Sixth & I for a talk by the Ladygang podcast for their upcoming book, because you know one of the girlies was the most evil character Kitty on Glee and even though she’s probably nice in real life, you need to make sure. (7pm)
  • Okay this plot is going off the rails, but isn’t that what happens with all coming of age movies? Anyone else watch The Kissing Booth 3? Anyway, you and the gang wrap it up by seeing local 90s tribute band White Ford Bronco at the Bullpen and uhhh complications ensue, you learn the true meaning of friendship, and everyone throws their grad caps in the air. (6pm)

Also || tunes: Julia Jacklin, portraits of Anacostia, Bread for the City, drag & film for DCAF, free comedy, more free comedy - please someone pay these comedians, oh thank god this comedy show is $5, LGBTQIA+STEM=fun happy hour, district winery turns 5, old enough to serve, not old enough to drink, get it?, improvised reeds, a night on the farm

Friday September 16

Breakin’ Even Fest at the Pie Shop

DC a long history of punk rock. Now you can be part of it—come to the punk rock (and comedy!) festival this weekend, Friday AND Saturday, featuring Direct Hit! Dark Thoughts, Ann Beretta, Brace Face, Bacchae, Teenage Halloween, and more. Go get sweaty, get wild, or get happy doing the thing where you’re too tired to mosh and just sort of stand on the edge pushing people supportively. It takes a village to keep punk alive! (8pm)

Or, if you prefer petals to metal

The Artemis isn’t just for Monday night jazz and comedy! Dress in your best florals and head there for a night of classical music, good company and late night dancing. The evening starts with a classical trio performance and ends with DJs ​​Harun, Ambendo, and Lil' Kebab. (7:30pm)

Also || tunes: Everyday Everybody (fka Aztec Sun), JokeUp, funny Arabs

Saturday September 17

Seriously, we can’t think of any more ‘tunes’ puns that’ll hit the right note….

Commemorative Strands art show

Check out the opening for Tranformer’s Commemorative Strands, the first solo exhibition of Artise Fletcher featuring textiles, photography, and video art. The work explores the sociological meanings and issues surrounding hair and highlighting Black women’s personal journeys and relationships with hair. (4pm)

Also || eyyy I’m neoliberalism walkin’ tour, Jay Pharaoh, women’s self-defense, drag brunch, sketch lab at STABLE, talk: carpet masters of Persia, SO GOOD Market, art: body talk, Watts Branch cleanup, funny Arabs night 2, experience Guatemala at the Wharf, comedy: the Queerest special, get in losers we’re removing invasive weeds, Arabic as a cultural bridge

Sunday September 18

Feeling bike-urious?

Join the DC Family Fest, the annual Family Fest for kid bikers, family bikers, and anyone who's bike-curious! There will be demos, snacks, raffles, bike tuning, snow cones, and bikes. Have we mentioned we love bikes? (10am)

Get artsy

  • See AIN’T NO MO at the Wooly Mammoth theater! This comedy by Jordan E. Cooper depicts the final boarding call for African American Airlines flight 1619 to Africa, where every Black person in the US gets a free ticket. (2pm)
  • Live out your dreams of being the cool tie-dye girl from Parent Trap, and learn how to dye with indigo and shibori (Japanese tie-dye technique). Participants will get a bandana to dye but you can bring items from home too! (1pm)
  • Come celebrate the work of ceramicists from around the DMV at Clayfest at the Brookland Arts Walk! Or just come to vicariously live out your Ghost dreams, you horny animals. (11am-4pm)

Also || food loss and waste, washington bach consortchoral: joyfully together, yessss more invasive weed removal (honestly it looks so fun), tunes: literally eurovision KING dadi freyer I WILL be there

Monday September 19

16th Street: DCs Avenue of Ambition

Sixteenth Street Northwest has been called the Avenue of the Presidents, Executive Avenue and the Avenue of Churches (literally, so many. How are there so many. You’re on your little quarantine jog thinking, surely, surely there can’t be more? but then there are?!). Finally, some answers: in this virtual talk, co-authors John DeFerrari and Peter Sefton explore the social and architectural history of the street and immediate neighborhoods. (12pm)

What’s more gay that sewing?

I already made this joke about bikes but I actually feel like sewing is more gay (i can say that i cross stitch and i’m gay -sarah). Anyway, come to the queer cross stitch circle! Bring your CS from home, or get a beginning LGBTQ pattern there (my beginning LGBTQ pattern was “bella where the hell have you been loca”). (5pm)

https://www.eventbrite.com/e/queer-cross-stitching-circle-tickets-412359447207 here’s the link I’m on my phone 

Also || livestream zumba,  tunes: cross-media artist Amy Yamaskai 

Tuesday September 20

Wallace goes on a bender

Hello loyal fans, it is I, Wallace the gecko, once again with bad news that I have been ABANDONED by my MOTHER! She says she’s “stranded on a work trip” (apparently she didn’t trust my travel recommendation from the time I got shipped cross country thanks to shipmyreptiles.com). Anyway to rebel at my mom for leaving me I will be going on a bender:

  • I start by trying to get f*cked up at Wasted Lounge $2 Tuesdays (take that mom) but I don’t have a form of ID so they turn me away. (all day)
  • Oh well, off to skate lessons at the Wharf. My overprotective mom always says I need to wear a helmet, okay “mom”? But I still do because i gotta protect my lizard brain – did you know I'm one of the few living creature that can see in the dark? (7pm)
  • Okay, you got me—my bender ends where all benders end: this super underground bar, Wonderland Ballroom. And this time it’s not just a PHASE, mom!!

Also || tunes: Al Di Meola, film: invisible heroes, book talk: Valerie Biden Owens, rewriting the narrative of don’t ask don’t tell


9/21: theater: Heroes o the Fourth Turning, talk: Queering the Museum, tunes: Flo Milli, death cafe, lostcity queer book club

9/22: meet cute book club

9/23: tunes: Iceage + Earth, Opera Outside

9/24: tunes: NEXTfest by Capital Bop, Boiler Room Baltimore, art: color + form = blackstraction, sustainable fashion policy, weed wrangle, tunes: Girlpool, Fiesta DC

9/26: speculative fiction book club

9/27: tunes: Death Cab for Cutie

9/28: tunes: King Promise, GrGrWash fall mixer, art: Amoaka Boafo

9/29: the Black Version, art opening: SOLO FLIGHT, tunes: RY X

9/30: Game Genius District Hunt, tunes: Anti-Flag

RE movie plot 

  • So much is going on, they barely notice the whodunnit murder plot in the background before they move on to their next event…


10/1: Story District turns 25, tunes: Melvins, tunes: Threnody

10/2: talk: Pete Souza

10/3: tunes: THe Mars Volta, talk: Anacostia River & wild rice

10/5: tunes: The Gaslight Anthem

10/6: Tudor Place garden tour, tunes: of Montreal, tunes: Haru Nemuri

10/7: Boiler Room x ROAM DC, Womxn of the Wild, fashion/roller-skating/Tony Toni Tone!

10/8: Down in the Reeds Festival

10/9: tunes: TURNSTILE, tunes: Rare Essence, Bela Donna, tunes: Cate Le Bon + A. Savage

10/11: talk: Temple Grandin

10/12: talk: Iliza Schlesinger, tunes: The Killers

10/13: tunes: Broken Social Scene, tunes: St Lucia, talk: Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

10/14: tunes: Sudan Archives, art opening

10/15: tunes: The Black Angels

10/15-16: Lost History of Frederick Douglass at Harpers’ Ferry

10/17: tunes: Gorillaz, Simchat Torah celebration

10/19: talk: Orhan Pamuk

10/20: tunes: Igor Levin on piano, tunes: Key Glock

10/21: tunes: Babe Rainbow, tunes: an R&B experience

10/22: tunes: Kevin Morby

10/23: tunes: Dehd

10/24: tunes: Violent Femmes

10/25: tunes: Dropkick Murphys

10/27: tunes: Arcade Fire

10/28: tunes: Calexico

10/30: tunes: Fidlar


11/3: tunes: Andres Cepeda, tunes: Two Door Cinema Club

11/4: TrueAnon live, Mozart’s Requiem, tunes: Russian Circles

11/9: tunes: Plains, tunes: Travis

11/11: tunes: The Soft Moon, tunes: Shane Smith & the Saints, tunes: Cloud Nothings

11/12: comedy: Jimmy O, Yang, tunes: Soccer Mommy,

DC (district choreographer) Dance Festival 

Personally, my favorite acronym DC is used for is diet coke, but district choreographer is a close second. This one day festival celebrating National Dance Day, will happen along parts of 8th street celebrating over 13 choreographers and dancers from the DMV area. (all day) DC Dance Festival,  

11/15: tunes: Will Sheff/Okkervil River

11/17: tunes: Thee Sacred Souls

11/19: Punk rock flea market, tunes: Lee Fields & the Expressions

11/25: tunes: Sub-Radio

11/30: tunes: Julian Lage


12/10: tunes: Bonny Light Horseman


1/31: tunes: Dry Cleaning

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