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Hayden Higgins works at World Resources Institute. He is a contributing editor at The Morning News and a co-founder of 730DC. (@hscotthiggins)

Managing Editor Gracie McKenzie grew up in Oregon and now lives in Mt. Pleasant, after a stopover in Somerville, Massachusetts. She works in journalism and has been to the end of every Metro line but still gets lost around L'Enfant. (@graciemckenzie for work updates; @gracieful for foster kitten pics)

Kieran Pierce can be found getting eaten alive by mosquitoes while gardening in their Brookland backyard, walking their golden doodle (Mia, named after Mia Hamm) all over the NE quadrant, or on their couch while diligently working through a massive to-watch movie list. Recommendations welcome. (@kp_ierce)

Sahar Roodehchi can usually be found bopping around Columbia Heights. When not working her day job as a digital strategist, she spends her time thinking about vegetarian recipes, perfecting her home chef skills, and eating. She loves a good farmers market, walks in parks, and well-loved library books. (@saharroo)


Anne Dolan grew up in Connecticut and moved to DC after college. After a hiatus organizing out west, she has happily boomeranged back to Shaw. She works in political tech and in her spare time she enjoys checking out an unreasonable number of books from the DC library and asking her friends to feed her dinner. (@annne16)

Andrew DeFrank is from Eastern Market. Before he (temporarily!) moved to New York for grad school, he lived in Ward 1 and designed new bus lanes at DDOT. He enjoys biking, hanging out in Malcolm X Park, and advocating for an affordable, growing, and enfranchised city. He thinks that gatekeeping DC authenticity is counterproductive, and that asking "what do you do?" is a normal way to make conversation. Andrew also writes for Greater Greater Washington. He loves this city.

Yousif Al-Amin can usually be found somewhere between his Columbia Heights apartment, Bruce Monroe Community Garden, or the Howard University McDonalds. He is a houseplant collector, proud bird dad, and avid baker. (@yalamin / @yousfulrecipes)

Abi Newhouse grew up in Utah but now lives in Adams Morgan (only once did she call it AdMo on the phone, and immediately apologized). She is a freelance writer and editor, currently working as the programs manager for local literary non-profit The Inner Loop, and she also produces audio for the podcast Not For Everyone. You can check out her Substack on fashion and identity at @abinewhouse

Sarah Cassell grew up in Utah and currently lives in Adams Morgan in her maximalist craigslist apartment with her gecko Wallace. When not at her "job," she performs sketch comedy, cares for too many plants, bikes around the city, and tells everyone to watch the best movie of all time, "Paddington 2." (@sarahrcassell)

Marissa Friedman has slowly been making her way down East Coast cities from Boston, to NYC, to Philly, to DC. She plans to stick around her Capitol Hill home for a while, where she loves to explore the city by bike and on walks with her dog, Charlie. When not writing for 730DC, Marissa works as an education consultant.

Annie Yi is a California native who now calls Lanier Heights home (and thinks her neighborhood could take on Mount Pleasant any day). When she’s not writing about art and creative living or giving tours at the National Gallery of Art, she’s keeping her two furbabies alive. Space exploration makes her weep at the beauty of it all.

Bianca Licitra is a former New Yorker who currently lives in Petworth. After moving to the DMV for grad school a few years back, they’ve stuck around in hopes of experiencing DC post-pandemic (still hasn’t happened). They organize for the DC Trans Book Club and think Kalorama is the city’s best park. When they’re not knees deep in a Youtube wormhole, Bianca enjoys bookstores, strong coffee, people watching, and being Italian.

Jordan Lindsey is a California transplant that went to Howard University for grad school pre-pandemic and now stays in NOVA (yes, he knows it’s far). As an introvert that makes an effort he’s out more than he would like, but in his free time he scours the internet in search of cool art and digital trinkets. He likes prose poems, labor unions, the free exchange of information, people that wave back, and anything copyleft or in the public domain. (@jordanizbored)

Julia Knoerr is often found between her local yoga studio and planning elaborate dinner parties from her Mt. Pleasant kitchen. Originally from LA, she spends half the year very cold, yet remains committed to winter tennis. Julia works in the international media support sector by day and spends her nights caring for cats and dogs across D.C. (@juliaknoerr)

Serena Zets came to Adams Morgan two years ago after a lifetime of living in the Rust Belt (which she misses every day). She freelances across DC and when she's not writing, she can be found moshing at a concert, scribbling notes at a book talk, or picnicking in Malcolm X Park! Multitudes! She is very proud to call DC home and hopes to call it that for a long time. (Instagram: @s.zets / X: @SerenaZets)

Giuliana Viglione grew up in the New York metro area (not upstate!!), tried the west coast for a while, and has called DC home since 2019. Outside of their day job as a climate journalist, they can be found watching soccer, making pasta, exploring the boundary stones, or teaching their cat, Tarquin, how to high-five. Giuliana is happiest on a boat or in a book, and preferably both at the same time.

Zach Adams is an ex-Marylander, forever-Baltimoron, who works in healthcare quality public reporting and moonlights as a biostatistician. He can be found wandering or biking around the city to old favorites and new adventures, inevitably running into people he knows along the way. He enjoys reading, photography, and obsessing over where to eat and drink. He has a seemingly-endless capacity for projects in his Dupont Circle apartment, which he generously shares with his cute-but-demonic cat, Kugel. (@zacheadams)

Also Writing: Michelle Goldchain, Julie Vitto, Abby Williams, and Nazia Khan


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